7th Pisarovina open & Croatian Championship 2018

7th Pisarovina open & Croatian Championship 2018


Počinje: Subota 08:00 (03 Ožujak)
Završava: Subota 16:00 (03 Ožujak)


Welcome to 7th Pisarovina open 2018 &
Croatian championship 2018

Rules and regulations

1. Goals
- promotion and popularization of Girevoy sport at all levels, from beginners, intermediate lifters to elite competitors
- strengthening of cooperation and friendship between clubs

2. Date and place of competition
Date: 03.03.2018
Time: 10:00 first flight
Place: Osnovna škola Vladimir Nazor, Zagrebačka 12, Pisarovina

3. Organizer of Competition

Organizer of competition is DŠR Giryatrija Zagreb
Main judge of competition – Ivana Gorički (Giryatrija Zagreb)
Main Secretary – Željka Sunjog (Giryatrija Zagreb)
Assistant of Secretary – Aleksandra Barjaktar (Giryatrija Zagreb)

Person of contact:
Ivana Gorički
E-mail: kbt.giryatrija@gmail.com

4. Participants of Competitions
Competition will be held according to the rules of Croatian Girevoy Sport Federation
- Biathlon (jerk + snatch) 2x16kg, 2x24kg, 2x32kg
- Long cycle 2x16kg, 2x24kg, 2x32kg

- Snatch only 12kg, 16kg,24kg
- One arm long cycle 12kg, 16kg,24kg
- Two arm Long cycle 2x12 kg, 2x16 kg, 2x20 kg

Weight categories:
Men: -63kg, -68kg, -73kg, -78kg, -85kg, -95kg, +95kg
Women: -58kg, -63kg, -68kg, +68kg

Relay race in jerk 2x24kg: - men: 5 athletes in one team, without any weight limit.
Relay race in jerk 2x12kg for women: 3 athletes in one team, without any weight limit


• In case of 1 or 2 applied competitors within category, they will be transferd to higher category.

• There must be at least 3 competitors within category
• Competitors are competing at their own responsibility.
• Organizer is not responsible for injuries.
• Organizer is not responsible for missing of personal property.

Athletes and sportsmen of all clubs, federations and individuals can compete on this competition.
One athlete can compete in all disciplines and categories.
5. Results and awards

jerk – 1 point
long cycle - 1 point
snatch – 1 point (in biathlon snatch points are divided by 2)

Competitors who win one of the first three places in each category and discipline will receive a medal and diploma.

Team points:
Amateur (1st place 15 points, 2nd place 14 points...)
Pro's (1st place 20 points, 2nd place 18 points, 3th 16 points...)


Registration link: coming soon
Registration will close on 24th February 2018

7. Finance
All participants need to pay registration fee.

Registration fee:
Biathlon – 200kn(26 EUR)
Long cycle – 200kn(26 EUR)
Snatch only – 200kn(26 EUR)
One arm long cycle - 200kg (26EUR)
Relay – 100 kn (15 EUR) (20 kn for each participant)
Every additional discipline or additional kettlebell weight is extra 50kn/7€
Registration fee for members of Croatian Girevoy sport organisation is 150kn per discipline and 50kn for additional discipline or Kb weight

8. Competition Program

1st March 2018.
Weighing of participants 19:00 - 20:00h in G team gym (Južna obala 3 11)

3rd March 2018.
Weighing of participants 08:00 - 09:0h.
Start of competition: 10:00h.