Fratarski 2018. (Summer Camp)

Fratarski 2018. (Summer Camp)


Počinje: Nedjelja 23:00 (29 Srpanj)
Završava: Nedjelja 02:00 (05 Kolovoz)


A summer camp on a tiny Adriatic island. For youth.
Tents. Worship. Sermons. Discussions. Beach. Sports. New friends. Strengthening your relationship with God, and your love for life.

To register, please fill out the form at
The price is 65 Euros if you register by the end of June. For late registrations the price is 80 Euros. The sum can be deposited upon arrival.

Za sve naše, znate dobro sve o Fratarskom. Registracijski link je gore. Cijena je 470 kn ako se prijavite do kraja lipnja. Nakon toga cijena je 570 kn.

Fratarski is a yearly event for Christian youth organised by the local SDA Union. It involves worship and sermons which is of the highest priority, but also social games, sports, and plenty of leisure time for exploring local beaches and enjoying hot summer time. The event has two official languages - Croatian and English - because of lots of foreigners attending every year.

Additional info to follow...

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Nedjelja 09:00 (19 Kolovoz)
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