KRK Wheel Fest 2k17 - Adrenaline Rush Rally

KRK Wheel Fest 2k17 - Adrenaline Rush Rally


Počinje: Petak 12:00 (15 Rujan)
Završava: Utorak 12:00 (19 Rujan)


This is a real international petrolhead festival on the naturally beautifull island of KRK in Croatia!

4 days of automotive events, meetings, raceday, parties, and
FUN at this amazing location!

We try to find, and connect those intelligent drivers, who can
accept each other and their rides, respect everyone on the
road, and drives respectfully(doesn't mean slow).

If you can be exited about others, and their cars, want to meet
international car enthusiasts, drive everyday, party every
night, and relax on the best beaches in croatia, you are more
then welcome to join!

Every stock, tuned, dapper, illest, stance, fitted, aired, rally,
supersport, convertible, electic, crazy, unbelievable, WTF
style is allowed to the event!

If you are intrested already, get in touch with us on our
facebook page, per private messege
(, or per email

We will give you opportunities, what you can not have every
day, and this is also appears on the driving events, as at the

Let's check out what is the PLAN:

D-Day: Arriving to the Island, Registration, Get your room,
come to the Toretto Party!

Day 1: Special driving event(Top secret for now) at the
Island for Limited participants (First come first serve),
meanwhile on the same spot there will be a big meet Open
for all participants! At night Beach Party

Day 2: We will play a game, which will lead you through the
most beautiful places on the Island, and you will be amazed, its
guaranteed! Afternoon Racetrack day! Maybe Racetrack
Party as well, but its a Plan just right now. But party will be
anyway! ;)

Day 3: Chill day. Go find some girls if you don't take one
with you from home, lay down at the beach, go to swim, ride
a jetski, live the life. Afternoon will start a crazy, and
unique party, for now it has to be a secret as well!

Day 4: Hangover day, this day we have to leave, but you will
be able to register for the next year event as well so don't
worry ;)

So if you are not intrested now, I am sorry for you, but for
the others you can wright us your questions, and you can
pre-register, so you will know the prices earlier, and the
special events as well. And you will be able to register earlier
than the others.

Some technical facts:
- Prices will come in February
- Pre-registration starting now!
- We will arrange for you, accomodation nearby the other
participants, everything for the events, parties, videos,
photos, and a guadiance for the programs, restaurants at the
island, so you can not miss a thing.
- Yes you will be able to come any type of cars, from any
- 20" rims, dropped cars, not a problem!
- There is a nearby Tesla charger if you need.
- The roads has good quality, and there is no straight lines.