Sacred Sensual Getaway -Dubrovnik-Prague

Sacred Sensual Getaway -Dubrovnik-Prague <3


Počinje: Subota 13:00 (03 Studeni)
Završava: Subota 13:00 (17 Studeni)


We are super excited to be co-creating a beautiful sacred vacation from Rome to Dubrovnik that will be a locally guided tour in inspiring destinations, along with us, Sprout Love & Yani facilitating deeper intimacy, love and connection while immersing in the landscape of your mind, body, spirit. Discovering a deeper journey while finding new destinations.

We are looking forward to expanding in love. Exploring Tantra, Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Breath Work, Shadow Work and Love.

This is both for couples and singles, we have a deep understanding that intimacy is more so about a personal journey of love and then how we share.

We invite you to come play, dive deep and move energies on this magical journey; allowing yourself to open up, to feel, to experience and to connect. Sharing tools and insights and tapping into the creative life force energy.

Yani & Sprout Love have been co-creating workshops together focused on love, intimacy and sacred sexuality. Through expanding on a love for the universal experience, they found themselves together uniting on a tantric quest to better understand how they relate to relationship.

Bringing their combined skills they continue to find their bliss. Exploring the polarity between yin(receptive/feminine) & yang(active/masculine). When we study the energy of love, behind our beliefs, we've found so much more truth and expansion.

Staying in 4-star hotels along the way while touring sacred sites from Dubrovnik to Prague, this is a 15-day journey that will include 3 hours of group bonding activities a day and the rest of the days will be spent on guided tours through ancient sites, eating food and being merry. The whole experience will be around creating a sacred container to build intimacy whilst also finding the sacredness of the land we travel upon.

Cities : Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Opatija, Zagreb, Wien, Budapest, Prague

Lots of Magick & Juicy Love!

Check the website for more info or send us a message <3

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