Još događanja u Trogir

Rejs morski - Chorwacja w październiku

Rejs morski - Chorwacja w październiku

Petak 21:30 (29 Rujan)
Trogir, Trogir

Regatta Giono’s Cup VII - Croatian Islands

Regatta Giono’s Cup VII - Croatian Islands

Subota 16:00 (30 Rujan)
Trogir, Trogir

10 Юбилейная Регата Ocean Medi Cup

10 Юбилейная Регата Ocean Medi Cup

Subota 18:00 (30 Rujan)
Trogir, Trogir

2017 Segeln Oktober Kroatien

2017 Segeln Oktober Kroatien

Subota 12:00 (14 Listopad)
Trogir, Trogir

Sensual Yacht – Sail & Dance

Sensual Yacht – Sail & Dance


Počinje: Subota 18:00 (09 Rujan)
Završava: Subota 10:00 (16 Rujan)


, Trogir


In 2016 we organized a Zouk trip in Croatia which was an awesome sailing and dancing experience and made us hungry for more! In 2017 we want to have even more fun with yachts and good music! This time we think bigger – Bachata, Zouk & Kizomba...

Going to "ZOUKTIME! dance holiday in Croatia 2017"? Perfect! Just book a cheap local flight on Saturday evening or Sunday early morning to join us in Trogir or a flight on Sunday evening to join us in the second marina (these are all at a relatively short ranges from the airport).

You want to bring non-dancing friends? Also no problem but we cannot promise we will not teach them stuff ;)

*****************The idea******************

The Idea is to have a sailing experience as well as dancing opportunities for a week along the coast of beautiful Croatia.
It is going to be leisure sailing with the possibility of snorkeling, sightseeing, sea food eating and all sorts of other typical "sailing related activities" in Croatia. The difference is we are going to BACHATA/ZOUK/KIZOMBA IT UP!!!! We will have our own portable equipment to organize outdoor dance parties and we will try to use our contacts on the site to throw some sensual parties in local clubs.

******************First time?***************

Have no fear! We provide an experienced skipper for every yacht. They will take care of everything and it's their job to worry and manage. We don't expect any particular sailing knowledge from participants - we expect you to have fun! Of course you will be asked now and then to hold a rope, but no rough captain shouting orders at you will happen. There's going to be chill, fun, parties, swimming and drinks. Unless of course you will be willing to hold the steering wheel a bit, put up a sail or turn the capstan.

************Food and accommodation************

Food is bought and prepared in the yacht's kitchen by the entire crew. Each crew does it's own shopping and cooks afterwards. You can decide how often you plan on eating on the yacht and how many times you want to go to a restaurant on the shore.

We sleep on the yachts. Sailing yachts are all-in-one miracles. There are beds, there's a kitchen and there are toilets and showers even.
We will be staying in marinas pretty often where nicer showers and toilets are available, but sleepieng on the yacht is pretty much the only possibility and that's good because it's so much fun too! :)

*************Exemplary daily schedule*********

09:00-11:00 Rise and shine... gently. Lazy morning after previous evening, shower, coffee, etc...
11:00-13:00 Tidying up after breakfast, refilling water tanks, casting off moorings and a calm journey to some picturesque bay for a bit of lunch and swimming.
13:00-15:00 Some lunch and swimming in the bay mentioned above. Amazing chillout. Pics, music, nap, sunbathing, drinks, anything you want, dolce vita...
15:00-17:00 We heave the anchor and set sails to go to our destination port. We invade the harbour with our fleet and slowly begin the party!
17:00-20:00 Optional sightseeing, old town, shopping, dinner in a restaurant or on board. Make other tourists jealous!
20:00-22:00 Integration, chillout, people, drinks, "beforeparty" and fun.
22:00-.... Sensual dances :)


The planned route is: Trogir, Solaris, Primosten, Maslinica, Palmizana, Hvar, Split, Kasuni Beach, Trogir

The route might change due to weather conditions or other circumstances but most times it doesn't differ much from what has been planned :)

********************Prices & reservation******************

For current prices and reservation visit
You can learn there what is included in the price.

Prices will be:
First minute 525 Euro
Second minute 550 Euro
Normal 575 Euro
Normal(2) 600 Euro

There will be info here letting you know in advance when next price will be introduced


The event is organized by me (Michał Wysoczański) in cooperation with Taksidi Sp. z o.o.. In case of any questions regarding the event please contact me directly.

In case of any payment's issues please contact Taksidi:

******************Enjoy skiing?****************

Check out our second event for Zouk and Skiing in March in Marilleva Italy: