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Idemo u Dubrovnik- MC sa Lorettom Bates
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Idemo u Dubrovnik- MC sa Lorettom Bates

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Osijek, Osijek

6. Euro Show Dance Challenge

6. Euro Show Dance Challenge

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Osijek, Osijek

Welcome week with ESN Osijek

Welcome week with ESN Osijek


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, Osijek


Dear Erasmus and other international students welcome to your exchange period in Osijek!

We know how hard it can be to pack your entire life in one suitcase and move to a completely new, unknown surroundings - to help you with your adjustment period, we came up with a bunch of activities in order for us to get to know each other and have fun in the process!

2.10.2017. MONDAY 7PM - Meet your ESN section - ESN Osijek office (Istarska 5) - we will have an open office day - on the third floor of the Student center. We want to present ESN Osijek, get to know you and introduce you to events that are planned for you this semester. You will also be able to buy your Welcome Packages then.

3.10.2017. TUESDAY 3PM - Photo hunt - Meeting point: Square of Ante Starčević. We will have a photo hunt so you can meet our city better. During this activity you will get to know Osijek better, hang out with other international students and ESNers, and have a fun chill time during a warm, sunny day.

4.10.2017. WEDNESDAY 6PM - Meet my country - coffee bar Peppermint (possible changes of the place). We want to get to know your country. Make a short presentation about some interesting facts about your country!

5.10.2017. THURSDAY 6PM - Pub quiz - American Bar Dollar. We are going to organize a pub quiz, the topic is a surprise! Let's see how much you know?!

6.10.2017. FRIDAY 6PM - Board games night - Student dormitory. Who doesn't like a board games night! Come for a round of Monopoly or Twister!

7.10.2017. SATURDAY 10AM - Antiques fair - Tvrđa. Come with us to antiques fair to Tvrđa. Check out some traditional old stuff!

9.10.2017. MONDAY 7PM - Meet your buddy. Still haven't met your buddy? Come to the meeting and get to know your buddy!

10.10.2017. TUESDAY 11AM - Welcome day at the University. Welcome Day at the University where you will receive all the information essential for your stay in Osijek from our International Relations Office!

11.10.2017. WEDNESDAY 4PM - Photo coffee hunt - Meeting point Tvrđa. Let's find coffee shops and pubs for tomorrows Pub Crawl.

12.10.2017. THURSDAY 9PM - Pub Crawl. Are you ready to drink, or are you ready to crawl? We invite you to our Pub Crawl - we are going to raid 5 bars, have a drink or two in each, and play some games before finally moving on together to a big party in Tufna! Let's get to know all the pubs in Tvrđa in one night!

13.10.2017. FRIDAY - Movie night - Theatre Urania. Join us for a movie night!

14.10.2017. SATURDAY 9AM - Trip to Vukovar. We are organizing a trip to Vukovar. The plan is to visit a couple of historical sites and museum. Join us! (more info about the trip coming soon).

Get excited, your #ErasmusInOsijek is starting! #THISisESN